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Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.

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If our homes are connected, why not our thermostats? Do not be deceived in this area; the connected thermostats have a real advantage to offer in relation to their traditional cousins. Ease of installation and use, easy management, energy savings… These points are that long term; a connected thermostat effectively pays its acquisition cost. Does it interest you?

The main function of connected objects has always been to improve our quality of life and ensure better comfort.

Like the conventional thermostat, connected thermostats exist in multiple models.

Difficult to choose? We understand you. And that’s why writing offers this shopping guide and comparison thermostats connected depending on the brand, connectors, learning preferences, period, geolocation, easy installation, compatibility heaters and smartphones, some features, price, and availability. A comprehensive list to help you to equip you better! Here are the best programmable thermostat.



As its name suggests, Sentry is a true sentinel of your home. This is made possible by the many faculties which it is capable, making it as close to home automation box connected the thermostat. Indeed, it also offers to keep an eye on all of your homes via numerous accessories: night vision camera, microphone, speaker, motion sensors, accelerometer, sensors light, humidity or air quality and offers even control the locks on your doors. In short, one of the most comprehensive offerings in this area.

Price: 271 euros

Strengths  : comprehensive offer , numerous compatible sensors.

Weaknesses: deterrent price.



This has a remote control. Your smartphone is the remote control of connected thermostat Netatmo. It allows a real intelligent programming by taking into account the insulation of your home and outside temperature. In addition to a stylish design and a large choice of colors, the Netatmo allows you to save up to 37% on your heating bills. Its dedicated application is compatible with systems iOS, Android and Windows. Also, it is compatible with both gas boilers, those with more effective fuel than wood.

Price: 149 euros

Strengths: Smart Programming, energy saving and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Cons: It does not connect to home automation.



If you make sure our comparison chart, it is true that you will find more affordable devices that € 73 Norm, but it’s more of accessories (tools to fix the thermal valve) as complete connected thermostats. From this point of view, this is the Norm which carries the price of the thermostat connected cheaper.

The connected thermostat quirky is not less effective so far. Presented in the form of a square box of side 7cm, Norm is a discreet mechanism that allows you to remotely control your thermostat, set the schedule of your choice or to turn on or off depending on your close to home, through a mechanism of GPS tracking. Everything is controlled via the application Wink, dedicated to the control of connected devices in your home.

Price: 73 euros

Strengths:  Very affordable price, easy to use, Wink implementation.

Cons:  Requires more additional sensors to function optimally (Quirly + GE Aros Wink or Relay).

New: Qivivo


Crowing! € 149.90 and a smart thermostat. The new Quivio thermostat has a LED low consumption completely touch screen. With heating indicator, the thermostat also comes with several sensors: measuring range, sensitivity, temperature setting and a large field presence and humidity sensor. Like the previous model, it allows multi-user remote control, geolocation, up to 10-time programs: all of which can be installed in just 15 minutes. You can connect two different ways: by connecting the gateway to the internet box by supply USB DC 5V 200mA and Ethernet RJ45 port or connection long-range wireless between Qivivo Thermostat, the gateway, and the wireless module. The application is available on Android and iOS. To fully benefit from learning and adaptability, you must subscribe to the Comfort subscription 2.99 € / month (no commitment).

Namely, Qivivo product is a French 100% compatible with many heating systems (electric, gas, oil, wood, heat pump).

Price: 149.90 euros with the connected service included

Connected and smart thermostat: Nest Thermostat Google review


nestThe last few weeks (although some products have existed for several years) to the ad and marketing, new room thermostats connected or so-called “smart” connected to your heating system to achieve energy savings come and be launched on several multimedia. “Connected thermostat Dolcevita,” the “Nest” thermostat Google, or the “Netatmo” thermostat are the name for one of the best programmable thermostat. These thermostats are moreover eligible for Tax Credit for Energy Transition 30% ( ISCED ) and the premium “energy savings” ( EEC ).

Can they fit any heating system (gas, oil, heat pump, electric heater, etc.) and save you up to 30% of your energy bill as their designers promise? Discover all currently existing solutions.

Nest Thermostat Google review


According to the manufacturer, the “Nest Learning Thermostat” allows users to reduce from 13 to 31% of their energy bills, depending on housing characteristics, climate and features utilized.

It learns automatically habits of occupants and creates a customized program that takes into account the inertia of the building and the indoor and outdoor temperature (connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it takes into consideration the weather to better understand and anticipate this will affect the housing temperature). At least once a day, it sends information to servers Nest on the habits and wishes of the occupants of the house and the house itself. It harvests data, on the one hand, thanks to its embedded sensors: presence detection, ambient temperature, humidity. It records the other wishes of occupants who schedule a temperature X for the morning, Y for the evening, etc. By crossing such external weather data, Nest servers can predict the behavior of the house: this morning at 7 am, it will work as a temperature, with a north wind at such speed, but strong sunlight.

It is based initially on the initial programming that will improve over time, taking into account the ongoing change program habits (each time you change the position of the wheel in stainless steel) and the effective presence of occupants in the house thanks to its proximity detector. It adjusts to your preferred temperature for sleep and starts at the time you wake up to your departure to work where it fits again, without any programming! Even if your schedules are constantly changing, constantly Nest learns as it is equipped with a motion detector: when it detects an event it starts as it has learned from you (to the manner of electric heaters Atlantic intelligent control ).

This unit can also lower the temperature of itself if detected absence. The motion detector covers a 150-degree angle, so once a person is detected in the slot, Nest knows and activates accordingly.


Finally, this thermostat remote is controlled by a phone, tablet or computer, and provides users with information about their consumption. Even if you are not at home and want to check how the machine behaves with the application for Apple mobile devices and Android and the online platform, you can access the remote thermostat.

Finally, the Nest thermostat allows for real energy savings: 30% annual energy savings for a detached house of 125m² in Lille, 28% for an adjoining house of 106m² in Lyon, a 29% Parisian apartment of 72m².

Google’s Nest thermostat can survive to an old wired thermostat: in this case, it will be self-powered by reusing existing 2 sons).

Main features of the Nest


  • Auto-programming: more complicated programming; the thermostat recognizes your preferences and the heating program automatically.
  • Auto-Away: the thermostat automatically reduces the temperature to save energy while you are away and do not heat an empty house.
  • Remote command: it is possible to change the temperature, adjust your program and view the history of your energy consumption from your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Energy History: It is possible to check the hours of heating activation and the impact on your consumption of your settings, weather conditions, and Auto-Away feature.
  • Anticipation: heating is triggered exactly when it takes to reach the temperature you want when you want.
  • Function “sunshade”: This feature compensates for the increase in temperature detected if the thermostat is exposed from time to time in the sun.
  • Nest Leaf: A leaf appears when you choose a temperature efficient energy, and thus guides you in the right direction and shows you whether you save energy.

Why Try Arnis?

When I ask you to list all the sports you know, I am sure that you can list a lot, but I don’t think that arnis will be one of the sports you will list. It is possible that you will even ask me what that is. For those who don’t know, arnis is a Filipino hand-to-hand combat sports. To give you a broader look, try watching the behind-the-scenes video of a movie with sword fighting. Try the one when the actors are only training how to do their fight scenes. See those sticks they’re holding? Those are arnis sticks and what they are practicing is arnis.


As a Filipino, I have encountered arnis and arnis sticks a lot, but I never learned how to properly use it until I was in 2nd year college. It is one of the few Filipino sports, yet it was not practiced often. Only a few schools have arnis as part of their physical education. It is sad to think that more schools have basketball, volleyball, badminton and even football as part of their physical education. There are times when more people from another country practice it, than people from the Philippines.

It is sad to think that there are Filipinos who lived and died, but never tried or even heard of arnis. It is supposed to be one pride of the Filipinos, but it seems that we are not even proud of it.

Why Should Try Arnis?

arnisBelow are some reasons why we should try arnis.

  1. Arnis can also be used in self-defense. It’s main objective is to teach people self-defense. This does not mean that you need to carry arnis sticks around to protect yourself. Learning arnis doesn’t only teach you to use arnis sticks, but also to use your hands, knives or anything when the need arises. It teaches you how to strike and block with sticks, and using that idea, you can learn how to strike and block using anything.
  2. It teaches you how to use swords. Yes, you read that right. While other countries have fencing, Filipinos have arnis. The use of arnis sticks originated when they are training Filipinos in using swords.

If you still haven’t notice, I used the plural form of sword, because you can use two arnis sticks at a time. There will also be a time when you will be taught how to perform some strikes and blocks with two sticks.

  1. You will use both sides of your body. Actually, you will use every single part of your body. By practicing arnis, you will be able to learn how to control both sides of your body simultaneously. That means exercising both sides of your brain. Exercising both sides of your brain makes you smarter and more alert after some time.

It also teaches you how to multi-task. You need to control your hands, feet, head and body all at the same time. You will also need to think of your strategy, strikes, blocks and the possible next move of your opponent.

When you try to learn fencing, you will probably need a lot of money, because it is an expensive sport. When you try arnis, you will only need arnis sticks to learn, and probably some gears like arm shields. Everybody can afford to try this sport.

A view from my experience:

In our school, we changed the sport in physical education 4 from badminton and swimming to arnis and swimming. When we started, most of us don’t even know the basics of arnis. After six weeks of training, with only two two-hour meeting per week, all 40 of us learned the basics stances, strikes and blocks. We also learned different ways of attacking using single and double arnis sticks.


At our last meeting for the arnis, we did a bit of sparring. We were partnered with different people and were involved in some friendly competition. I saw a lot of different strategies and developed my own. There were many underdogs that surprised everyone. There were winners and people who won in a different way.

Like in every sport, you practice arnis to have fun and to learn. Whether you win or you lose, you will learn something. You will learn how to defend yourself physically,  how to be alert, how to respond in a short period of time and how to predict other people’s moves.

I enjoyed every moment I had practicing arnis. Remember that this is a combat sports and you are bound to experience body pain. You will experience torn muscles from time to time, so you better do a bit of stretching before you start. You may only be practicing strikes and blocks, but you will experience a lot of sweating.

Why do we need to learn the Filipino combat sport, arnis? It is our pride and we can benefits many things from it.

Elliptical User Guide

The elliptical is very popular in gyms and it is widely used by anyone who wants to give their upper and lower body a really good workout. The elliptical works your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders when you use the handlebars. This exercise equipment is used by athletes as a form of their cross training and anyone who wants to lose weight or maximize the full potential of their body. Using the elliptical is easy, but like any other beginner, you will need to be guided accordingly.


How to use the elliptical

Step on machine facing the console. Start pushing the pedals to activate the monitor and you will start seeing the instructions on the monitor. You can choose a pre-designed program or set your own. Check where the buttons for the incline are located and other buttons for starting, pausing, and stopping.


You can start pushing the pedals forward to make them go backwards. You will find that it is much easier to balance when you are going forward and the pedal for the back can be near your knees.

If your machine has a moving handle bar, hold them as you pedal to give you upper body a good workout as well. This will even out the workout for your whole body because when you hold the handlebars, it will take out a little emphasis on your butt and legs. If the handlebar is fixed, maintain a straight position and avoid leaning in even if you get tired. You can always use the pause button.

As you get used to the machine, you can increase or decrease your resistance. Feel free to move forward or backward as you pedal to get most out of your workout.

If you increase the resistance and incline of the elliptical, the more burn calories you will burn because you will be exerting more effort. This is also good for training your leg power and endurance because the incline can make you feel as you are climbing uphill and you can decrease the incline if your legs begin to hurt. You can practice on this gradually as you get better with your workout. Some runners use the elliptical to increase their lower body strength and flexibility. As your pace increases, your heart rate will increase therefore burning more calories. You can also listen to music while you ae on the machine to avoid getting distracted and help you remain focused.

It is easy to tell that you are improving because you will be able to handle more resistance and you will see that your heart is having more stamina and endurance.

If you are going to use an elliptical in the gym, choose one that is in a good spot and make sure that the handlebars are not slippery because of sweat. After you use the elliptical, wipe the handlebars with your towel because someone is going to use it next. This is about having proper etiquette while in the gym. If you have the elliptical at home, keep the machine dry if another family member wants to use it.

Exercise – A Must For Your Back Health

Most people say that exercise should be avoided when you are experiencing a back pain. But, this is a misconception. Yes, it is true that you would be reluctant to do exercises as you may have fear that the exercises would aggravate your back pain. But, the truth is that you should not totally depend upon medical treatments for healing your long term back pain. You should remember that the significance of exercise should not be underestimated for your back health.


Why Physical Exercise For Your Back?

Many people are still not aware that physical exercises and their movements would act as natural stimuli during the process of healing your back pain. Gradual exercises and movements would often provide a long term relief for healing your back pain. Also, the physical exercises would help preventing the future pain as well. It is due to these reasons, physical exercise is considered as a must for healing the back pain as well as maintaining the back health.

How Exercise Works On Your Back?

As mentioned above, physical exercise would act in treating as well as preventing the back pain. Here is how it works? Firstly, physical exercise would nourish as well as repair your spinal structures. This action of exercise would help alleviating your back pain. Secondly, physical exercise and their movements would keep your back healthy and flexible thereby reducing the likeliness of injuries and back pain in the future.

What Are the Positive Effects Of Exercising The Back?

Physical exercising your back would decrease the stiffness by making the connective tissues more flexible. The movements in the physical exercise would lubricate your joints that would need the suitable motion.

If your muscles of your back and abdomen are not strong, they will be not able to support your back. For rectifying this problem, you must do back strengthening exercises. These exercises would act by strengthening your supporting muscles and preventing the straining of your tissues. Thus, these exercises would provide the required support for your spine.

In addition to the above mentioned exercises, stretching exercises are also needed. These kinds of exercises would relieve any stress on your lower back.

How Exercise Helps Your Lower Back?

A majority of people who are suffering from back pain has been diagnosed to have issues in their lower back. Physical exercises that are prescribed for lower back would help in strengthening the muscles of your back, abdomen and legs. This action would help supporting the spine thereby giving you the relief from your lower back pain. A series of physical exercises would help you relieving from any kind of lower back pain which includes the following conditions: Tension; Stiffness; Soreness.

What Are The Ways Your Back Could Benefit From Physical Exercises?

Following are some simple ways your back could benefit from physical exercises:

  1. Stretching Exercises:

Recent researches show that stretching is as powerful as yoga in alleviating the back pain. Any kind of stretching could help improving the flexibility thereby reducing the risks of back pain.

Try this simple stretching exercise – Just stand with your feet staggered with one of your legs in front. Now, bend your front knee to about 90 degrees and back knee a few centimeters above the floor. Know press your hip forward and stay in this position for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat this in opposite side as well.

  1. Yoga:

It has been proven that the people who are practicing yoga are getting less pain when compared to those who don’t follow it. Many of the poses in yoga would combine strengthening with the balancing thereby helping to increase the strength of weak muscles and releasing the tighter ones. Yoga could also act as a stress reliever.

Try this simple yoga pose – Just sit on your heels at hip-distance away from each other. Now exhale and move your hands forward. Stay in this position for about 30-60 seconds.

  1. Strengthening Exercises:

According to physical therapists, strengthening exercises would help in improving strength and in regaining the functions. The strengthening exercises would act by stabilizing the entire body.

Try this simple strengthening exercise – Just stand with your feet at hip-distance away from one another. Now, bend your knees and move your back into sitting position and raise your arms. After staying in this position for one count, return to normal position. Repeat the steps for about ten to fifteen times.

  1. Pilates:

Various researches have shown that the patients who are suffering from non-specific lower back pain are getting benefitted from Pilates. This workout has shown to reduce the pain and disabilities in about one year after starting with the program. Pilates would work by strengthening the muscles that are supporting the spine thereby decreasing the risk for injuries.

Try this simple Pilates workout – Lie on the floor with your knees bent and ankles below your knees. Now, exhale and slightly move your hip upward having your butt on the floor. Stay in this position for few seconds. Then, inhale and come back to normal position. Repeat this for five to ten times.

  • There is a lot that I can do while learning a new skill and picking out the perfect gear and equipment is part of the whole thing. It’s not just a matter of doing the activity, but knowing how to execute the skills perfectly will give you a sense of accomplishment.
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