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Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.

Elliptical User Guide

The elliptical is very popular in gyms and it is widely used by anyone who wants to give their upper and lower body a really good workout. The elliptical works your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders when you use the handlebars. This exercise equipment is used by athletes as a form of their cross training and anyone who wants to lose weight or maximize the full potential of their body. Using the elliptical is easy, but like any other beginner, you will need to be guided accordingly.


How to use the elliptical

Step on machine facing the console. Start pushing the pedals to activate the monitor and you will start seeing the instructions on the monitor. You can choose a pre-designed program or set your own. Check where the buttons for the incline are located and other buttons for starting, pausing, and stopping.


You can start pushing the pedals forward to make them go backwards. You will find that it is much easier to balance when you are going forward and the pedal for the back can be near your knees.

If your machine has a moving handle bar, hold them as you pedal to give you upper body a good workout as well. This will even out the workout for your whole body because when you hold the handlebars, it will take out a little emphasis on your butt and legs. If the handlebar is fixed, maintain a straight position and avoid leaning in even if you get tired. You can always use the pause button.

As you get used to the machine, you can increase or decrease your resistance. Feel free to move forward or backward as you pedal to get most out of your workout.

If you increase the resistance and incline of the elliptical, the more burn calories you will burn because you will be exerting more effort. This is also good for training your leg power and endurance because the incline can make you feel as you are climbing uphill and you can decrease the incline if your legs begin to hurt. You can practice on this gradually as you get better with your workout. Some runners use the elliptical to increase their lower body strength and flexibility. As your pace increases, your heart rate will increase therefore burning more calories. You can also listen to music while you ae on the machine to avoid getting distracted and help you remain focused.

It is easy to tell that you are improving because you will be able to handle more resistance and you will see that your heart is having more stamina and endurance.

If you are going to use an elliptical in the gym, choose one that is in a good spot and make sure that the handlebars are not slippery because of sweat. After you use the elliptical, wipe the handlebars with your towel because someone is going to use it next. This is about having proper etiquette while in the gym. If you have the elliptical at home, keep the machine dry if another family member wants to use it.

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