Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.

Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.



If our homes are connected, why not our thermostats? Do not be deceived in this area; the connected thermostats have a real advantage to offer in relation to their traditional cousins. Ease of installation and use, easy management, energy savings… These points are that long term; a connected thermostat effectively pays its acquisition cost. Does it interest you? Best wifi thermostat can help you.

The main function of connected objects has always been to improve our quality of life and ensure better comfort.

Like the conventional thermostat, connected thermostats exist in multiple models.

Difficult to choose? We understand you. And that’s why writing offers this shopping guide and comparison thermostats connected depending on the brand, connectors, learning preferences, period, geolocation, easy installation, compatibility heaters and smartphones, some features, price, and availability. A comprehensive list to help you to equip you better! Here are the best programmable thermostat.



As its name suggests, Sentry is a true sentinel of your home. This is made possible by the many faculties which it is capable, making it as close to home automation box connected the thermostat. Indeed, it also offers to keep an eye on all of your homes via numerous accessories: night vision camera, microphone, speaker, motion sensors, accelerometer, sensors light, humidity or air quality and offers even control the locks on your doors. In short, one of the most comprehensive offerings in this area.

Price: 271 euros

Strengths  : comprehensive offer , numerous compatible sensors.

Weaknesses: deterrent price.



This has a remote control. Your smartphone is the remote control of connected thermostat Netatmo. It allows a real intelligent programming by taking into account the insulation of your home and outside temperature. In addition to a stylish design and a large choice of colors, the Netatmo allows you to save up to 37% on your heating bills. Its dedicated application is compatible with systems iOS, Android and Windows. Also, it is compatible with both gas boilers, those with more effective fuel than wood.

Price: 149 euros

Strengths: Smart Programming, energy saving and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Cons: It does not connect to home automation.



If you make sure our comparison chart, it is true that you will find more affordable devices that € 73 Norm, but it’s more of accessories (tools to fix the thermal valve) as complete connected thermostats. From this point of view, this is the Norm which carries the price of the thermostat connected cheaper.

The connected thermostat quirky is not less effective so far. Presented in the form of a square box of side 7cm, Norm is a discreet mechanism that allows you to remotely control your thermostat, set the schedule of your choice or to turn on or off depending on your close to home, through a mechanism of GPS tracking. Everything is controlled via the application Wink, dedicated to the control of connected devices in your home.

Price: 73 euros

Strengths:  Very affordable price, easy to use, Wink implementation.

Cons:  Requires more additional sensors to function optimally (Quirly + GE Aros Wink or Relay).

New: Qivivo


Crowing! € 149.90 and a smart thermostat. The new Quivio thermostat has a LED low consumption completely touch screen. With heating indicator, the thermostat also comes with several sensors: measuring range, sensitivity, temperature setting and a large field presence and humidity sensor. Like the previous model, it allows multi-user remote control, geolocation, up to 10-time programs: all of which can be installed in just 15 minutes. You can connect two different ways: by connecting the gateway to the internet box by supply USB DC 5V 200mA and Ethernet RJ45 port or connection long-range wireless between Qivivo Thermostat, the gateway, and the wireless module. The application is available on Android and iOS. To fully benefit from learning and adaptability, you must subscribe to the Comfort subscription 2.99 € / month (no commitment).

Namely, Qivivo product is a French 100% compatible with many heating systems (electric, gas, oil, wood, heat pump).

Price: 149.90 euros with the connected service included


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