Burner Management System (BMS) – A Safe & Reliable Solution for Power Generation Industry

A Burner Management System (BMS) is considered a safety solution for power generation industries which enable failsafe start-up, operations and shutdown of multiple burner portions of a boiler. It can reduce frequent maintenance, improves uptime and enable a safe operating environment for both boiler and plant personnel as well as machinery.

How it Works?

Since a burner management system looks after safe and secure plant and boiler process, it do so by monitoring and controlling of the ignitions and primary burners, utilises flame scanners to detect and distinguish between the both; employs safety shut-off valves, pressure, temperature, flow and valve position limit switches, use blowers to cool down scanner or offer combustion air for ignition system. Proper functioning of the Burner Management System (BMS) is crucial for overall safety of the process and boiler itself.

BMS is applicable in industries like power generation, chemical process, oil and gas industries where use of flame for burners, furnaces and boilers is common.

Industry Application

Resistance to corrosion, safety and durability are vital in the energy sector alongside continuity of the operations. At Emerson, we have solutions made specifically for harsh environment which require no additional welding thereby ensuring minimal operations downtime at the time of instalment. Such BMS solutions are likely to come with handrails, guardrails and elevation/height safety equipment used in areas like:

  • Air compressor, gas and steam turbine building
  • Chemical storage shelter, personal walkways, around heavy machinery
  • Water treatment, emergency diesel generator, workshop and warehouse building

Durable Aluminium OR Galvanised Steel Railing Systems

Both aluminium and galvanised steel offers cost-effective safety handrail system, a fine alternative to the traditional welded railings. Emerson has the latest models that are highly adaptable, quick to design and deploy in a typical industrial setting.

Slip-on fittings securely lock with the length of structural tube in almost any configuration you can think of. All that’s needed is an Allen key for quick and simple construction without any additional threading, welding or bolting which frees you from the painful and detailed procedure.

Easy to Install Barriers

High quality and modular barriers are forged from powder-coated galvanised steel tube and kee klamp fitting that can be put together, repair and replaced easily. These can be used for both in and outdoors, being designed for multipurpose uses like:

  • Protection of the corners
  • Protection of posts and pipes
  • Protection of the racking areas and
  • Safeguard from the possible damage by electrically powered transport

Engineered Lifelines

Horizontal lifeline is usually a cable installed in parallel to a fall hazard. When appropriately connected to horizontal lifeline with a harness and lanyard, user can conveniently travel or move parallel to the fall hazard. Horizontal lifelines are attached at foot level while working on the top surface like a roof, overhead compartments, bus depots and airline hangers. At Emerson, we have flexible, durable horizontal lifeline solutions to offer seamless and continuous protection for personnel working near the fall hazard zones.

Burner Management Systems (BMS) play a crucial role in manufacturing and chemical process industries for proper regulation of the temperature and secure process while using flammables.

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