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No! No! Just kidding. Of course a donkey could not ever win the Australian Open in tennis, or the Kentucky Derby! I am just trying to get your attention ! (smile).

This is about the eternal question “Are Champions born or made”? And the answer is “Champions are born not made”! A champion will be a champion because of his/her genetical make up and not because someone made them.

Sure, some of you are saying, ney, ney, you do not know what you are talking about! Ok, I respect your opinion but, please give me a chance and continue reading.

To make it easier to understand. Just consider the brain and ask yourself can everyone that has been born man or woman be a Nuclear Scientist or Einstein? Most of you will agree that the answer is, no. The same applies to tennis and everything else. Another example is this rehtorical question, did anyone ever see a donkey winning the Kentucky Derby?

This leads to your question, what about you bragging that certificate individual support you Coached Jim Courier and gave on court instruction to players like: Pete Sampras, Cedric Pioline, Tim Mayotte, David Wheaton, Brad Gilbert, Mark Knowles, Doug Flach, Bonnie Gaduzek, David Nankin, Julie Halard, Mary Pierce and many others? Yes, you are right it is just an ego trip! In all humbleness we coaches need the knowledge and the implementation know how, but without Champions with a special set of genetic qualities, Coaches are just nothing!

Are you trying to say that all those entourages of experts, psycologists, masseurs, coaches, guru coaches, strengh and speed coaches, papa coaches, mama coaches, physiotherapists, could all stay at home and the players would still, play the same? Yep! Go ask Roger Federer, or Ken Rosewall or Rod Laver and a horde of other great players! Why do you think Paul Anacone read the newspaper while Pete Sampras was playing? (This is no joke look at TV match tapes). Do you think Pete cared? Of course not, the job was done outside the court, during the match it was up to Pete to perform and win.

Do you also mean that all those “Big Name Tennis Academies” in Florida and around the world can not make Champions? You got it, they cannot! They have a good function and that is to get very rich kids who can afford a tennis and school tuition in the tens of thousands of dollars a year, a chance to prepare for a college team and if they are good enough, to get a college coach to recruit some of them.

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