Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About the CLOUD AND SOFTWARE



Sometimes when two different types of technologies are fused, they become responsible for the unique and productive elements. This article is going to discuss one of those elements.

Software industry:

Progress in the software industry has made many things easier for us such, those tasks which used to require many manpower, skills, and information to operate, are nowadays in the form of several different types of simple software. For example, database management. Software is made using different platforms such as languages; c++, Python, HTML, Javascript, c#, etc.

There are three types of software, but the one which we are going to talk about is application software.

Examples of Application software:

Application software consists of database software, Games, entertainment software, social media apps, etc. This type of software could be in the form of one program or set of programs.

Cloud system:

Let us discuss the Cloud system. It is a system which deals with the storage of data and its accessibility, through the internet, instead of using the component of the hard drive.

Following are the benefit and the disadvantage of the system:


If your phone gets lost or your hard drive corrupts, the data stored in the cloud, will not be lost, as it was stored in cloud storage.


Well, the disadvantage of it is that this system only works if you have an internet connection.

What is Cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting software is the fusion between accounting software and cloud system. To get more information, let us compare cloud accounting software with the offline one.

  • Cloud accounting software; use the cloud to store data, while offline accounting software uses a computer’s memory.
  • Cloud accounting software, requires an internet connection for the job, while offline accounting software does not require an internet connection.
  • If a computer’s memory corrupts, Cloud accounting software will not be affected. If a computer’s memory corrupts,offline accounting software could be affected.

Some extra information:

Sometimesadditional knowledge in regarding matters helps us, so following are some of them:

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