Intimate lingerie that men adore


Visual stimulation is very important for sex representatives, when it comes to sexual satisfaction. That is why the imagination of men leads to incendiary scenarios from the moment they see the intimate lingerie that their partner wears. Men love to see that the woman in their lives has been trying to choose a sexy lingerie designed to make them feel better. Not all of the choices made by them are equally good, and a survey done on this topic has revealed some details that beautiful sex representatives have to take into account, to be sure that they have the desired effects.

Simple colors

Black or white, possibly in combination with a stronger color meant to accentuate or highlight shapes, nothing very complicated. Men consider elegant and attractive the sets of intimate lingerie that do not distract attention from the beauty of the female body. Therefore, do not choose strong colors or complicated prints. Although it is a simple hue, skin-colored lingerie does not please them.

Perfect fitted lingerie

A body on which the underwear fits exactly as it should, without squeezing the breasts, is preferable. Men think a woman is ridiculous if she is preoccupied with her breast coming out of her bra, or who is obviously overwhelmed by her little panties, when she should be relaxed and sexy. The sexy ladies from Jullieta, a nice escort from Switzerlandalways choose the right lingerie, that makes them feel confident and beautiful. They want to look good for every man, and have the perfect night with the best piece of sexy lingerie.

No complicated cuts

Although women believe that complex intimate lingerie pieces will make a man go crazy, but the truth is, men feel embarrassed by such choices. Men don’t want to guess how some intimate lingerie is opened or dropped, when sexual tension almost darkens their minds. If the woman still wants to amaze him with such intimate underwear, she should be the one who takes it down in a sensual manner.

Babydoll and lace thong

The combination of sensuality and innocence of a babydoll lingerie, is particularly appealing to most men. Probably, a woman who is elegant and romantic gives a lot of attention to details and loves to be treated with lots of fun in moments of intimacy. A lace thong makes her feel special and attractive for the man in her life.


An intimate piece of underwear that inspires aggression, and makes it clear that a memorable sex experience is going to happen. Some men may be intimidated by such an appearance, but they will appreciate the woman that makes them feel that way.

High waisted panties

The first thought of seeing this type of underwear, is that it belongs to a serious woman who does not know how to have fun in bed, and who likes to be in control. But many other men responded that they instantly imagine having in front of them a sexy librarian woman.

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