Reverse Funnel System Flaws and How You Can Profit!

First let me explain what the Reverse Funnel System is for those that are not quite sure. Also let me tell you that my opinion and review is based on my research and observation and that I have never been involved in the Reverse Funnel System. The Reverse Funnel System is a marketing system, which was created by Ty Coughlin. The product for this marketing system is the vacation membership for the Global Resorts Network.

The Reverse funnel system is hyped in such a way that people are told that it is a system that you can just plug into that will generate wealth for them. Here is why it is flawed. ultimate clickfunnels review It gives the impression that a prospect will log onto your website pay fifty dollars to learn more information. Once they have paid the fifty dollars the system automatically starts feeding them information that will supposedly lead them to pay an additional three thousand plus commit to a couple hundred dollar monthly fee. This being done all through an automated system! This system claims that it so automated that it requires no selling and no human element. I will let you prove to me that it is flawed.

How did you find this article? It was most likely because you came across a Ty Coughlin website that was touting the Reverse Funnel System. Maybe you paid the fifty dollars maybe not, but now you are out researching the Reverse Funnel System to see if it is for real, am I right? So in essence you went out side of the reverse funnel system to learn if you should invest your hard earned money or not. This is exactly what the Reverse Funnel System claims that it avoids. Its premise is that masses of people will come to your website and pay you fifty dollars and then your system will go to work and turn them into a three thousand dollar sale without that person doing any research of their own out side of the information that is fed to them through email auto responders, recorded messages and recorded conference calls.

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